Visual Arts

I've spent a fair amount of time traipsing hither and yon with a camera. Two of my photographs are part of a large-scale permanent civic display at The Square Room in downtown Knoxville, and my work also tends to find its way into area coffee shops. I love textures and lines, and so my subject matter is often marked by the sorts of contrast or patina one finds in unlikely or out-of-the-way places.


Regarding my design work, I started as part of the hospitality team for artists at that same venue where my photos now hang. Designing three years' worth of posters and graphics for unnumbered gigs, I soon branched out into similar work for other friends, in addition to logos and other jobs. A selection of that work can be viewed here.

I'd be thrilled to help with your project as well. Have an event coming up? Need a t-shirt or poster? Working on your latest album? Re-branding your business? Let me know, and let's get to work on the look of it!


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